BMitzvah TM

Compared to Competing Products


LEV BMitzvah

ORT Navigating the Bible

TES Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutor

Complete Torah Text YesYes No
Complete Haftara Text YesYes Yes
Choice of 3 Trop Styles YesNoNo
Color Code by Trop YesNoNo
Teaches to Read Hebrew YesNoNo
Auto Replay from anywhere in the Text YesNoNo
Stop Anywhere in the Text YesNoNo
Adjust Musical Tempo YesNoNo
Adjust Musical Key YesNoNo
Adjust Musical Instrument YesNoNo
Color Printouts: Hebrew, Vowels and Trop YesNoNo
Sizable Fonts on Screen and Printouts YesNoNo
Hebrew with Transliteration Printouts YesNoNo
Hebrew Search Engine YesNoNo
Record Your Own Voice YesNoNo
Runs Without CD/Disk YesNoNo
Sizable Window YesNoNo
Runs Alongside Other Windows Apps YesNoNo

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