Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Hebrew

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Finally, the personal solution to learning Hebrew!

For all ages, proficiency and satisfaction guaranteed!

Now the world’s leading authority on the Hebrew language can train you right in your own home on your own computer!! Eliezer Ben-Yehuda has developed amazingly effective methods for teaching Hebrew. With over 40 menu-driven lessons, you’ll be reading Hebrew newspapers and ordering falafel like a native in no time! The use of a computer let’s you select what you want to learn quickly and easily. No more time-consuming searches through audio tapes.

A click of a mouse has you instantly working with thousands of words and phrases. It’s all designed to help you become proficient in everything from the basic aleph-bet to modern conversational Hebrew. This program is loaded with features such as a speech synthesizer that can pronounce every syllable and every word wherever you are in any screen. The self-testing module will let you crack the whip at your own pace, while making sure the lessons are well-learned. The self-writing feature even teaches you how to write Hebrew letters.

The "Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Hebrew Series" can take you from beginning to intermediate Hebrew. If you are serious about learning Hebrew, this program is it!

Only $39.95.

No prior Hebrew required!

Here's what the program does: