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I Can Read the Bible in HebrewI Can Read the Bible in Hebrew Now you can too! - The entire Hebrew Bible, 39 Books - from Genesis to Chronicles II - are included in the program. Select your favorite Bible stories and Bible quotes. Choose the style of transliteration you want. It features an amazing Hebrew phonetics reading engine which pronounces and highlights the Hebrew text, syllable-by-syllable. Train the engine to use your own voice samples, or enjoy the included professional male and female voices. Print out any number of Hebrew verses you choose, with or without the English transliteration, to help you read Hebrew when you're not by the computer. Understand what youíre reading with the programís verse-by-verse translation feature. Try a FREE download and check it out! Reading the Bible in its original language is now within the reach of anyone with a PC.
(CD-ROM for Win 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP) $39.00

I Can Read the Prayers in Hebrew I Can Read the Prayers in Hebrew - A beginner Hebrew reading program that features over 220 Shabbat and Daily Prayers and Blessings. Easy to use, guaranteed to boost your confidence in reading Hebrew and help you achieve your goals. Select a prayer or blessing from the menu, and read Hebrew like a pro, even if it's your first time. The program offers never before available printout capabilities and options, the most important of which is automatic transliteration. Try a FREE download and check it out!
(CD-ROM for Win 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP) $29.95

BMitzvah BMitzvah - The #1 Bar/Bat Mitzvah training program in the world. You can now learn your Torah and Haftara portions at your own pace with this fun and exciting program. The computer makes learning easier than ever - Hebrew is displayed in a beautiful easy to read font, and every syllable is highlighted as it moves from right to left, pronouncing every one. Choose from dozens of musical instruments to play the melody, in any musical key and tempo. You also have a choice of 3 different versions of Trop (cantillation) styles. Print any Hebrew text you choose with automatic transliteration. Try a FREE download and check it out!

BMitzvah includes one selected Torah portion and one selected Haftara portion, the Torah and Haftara blessings, and a tutorial for learning the cantillation. (CD-ROM for Win 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP) $89.95
BMitzvah Pro BMitzvah Pro includes the Complete Set of weekly Torah and Haftara portions, plus the Torah and Haftara blessings and a tutorial for learning the cantillation. (CD-ROM for Win 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP) $249.95.

Hebrew World Hebrew World - A Top Quality Hebrew Multimedia Course for the Beginner. Using advanced phonetic concepts, this interactive program is ideal for children or adults, You can learn modern and Biblical Hebrew, and the program includes both male and female authentic Israeli pronunciations throughout the program. Hebrew World is fun, interactive and has 100ís of lessons. Loaded with beautiful graphics, sounds and music, this program is a feast for the eyes and ears.
(CD-ROM for Win 95 and up, and MAC) $49.95

Bibleland Bible Land I (The Old Testament) - Take a wonderful photographic journey to Bible Land with this beautiful CD-ROM, featuring 1,000 high-resolution photos. "Bible Land" CD-ROM takes you on a thorough visit to Biblical scenery, including a diverse tour of the sites, natural vistas and people mentioned in the Bible. The CD-ROM includes a graphic viewer with special effects tools, thumbnail creation, fast directory viewing, slide-show mode, batch conversion, and many more features. Simple and user friendly, this CD-ROM is suitable for school projects, newsletters, posters, postcards, framed drafts, web graphics, visual aids for lectures, and special presentations. Royalty-free for personal use.
(The New testament is also available)
(CD-ROM for Win 95 and up, and MAC) $49.95

virtual shabbat Virtual Shabbat - Sabbath on CD ROM! An Interactive Shabbat Experience from candle lighting to Havdalah, includes prayers, rituals, customs and songs of the traditional Shabbat. Virtual Shabbat offers you a full Hebrew Reading Crash Course an explanatory tour of Sabbath Meals, a Synagogueand a tutorial in making a kosher kitchen.
(CD-ROM For Win 95/98 and MAC) $19.95

First Steps First Step in Hebrew Prayers - This 80 page prayer book provides an easy and pleasant start with the first steps of Jewish prayer, bringing to you the most important prayers and blessings you need to know. It features the Hebrew text in bold letters, line-for-line with English translation and transliteration, and is illustrated with a beautiful selection of graphics and photos. There are 60 prayer tracks on the CD, recorded with the wonderful and rich voice of Rabbi Tzvi Cooperman. These tracks include narration and well known tunes of the various prayers.
(Book and CD - $39.95)

Holidays Jewish Holiday Funhouse - Packed with charming music, colorful graphics, and delightful games, this program presents a fun-filled, entertaining, and educational introduction to the major Jewish holidays, from Rosh Hashanah through Shavuot. It's perfect for children ages three and up-no reading is required to use the program. Actual instructions and descriptions, combined with clever icons, make using the program easy and fun. Jewish Holiday Funhouse teaches songs, concepts, and rituals associated with each holiday.
( CD-ROM for Win 95/98/ME/2000) $29.95

bilingual babyBilingual Baby Hebrew Video - This video teaches Hebrew using the Total Immersion Method, a well-established teaching system that has long been used by educators and language experts. This means your child will only hear Hebrew on this video. Hebrew words appear on screen to help readers and to reinforce what they see and hear. Small on-screen words appear in English so parents and older siblings can learn too. Bilingual Baby teaches more than 60 words and phrases to children while their ability to develop a second language is highest - between birth and age five.
(video - $16.95)

Joyful Sound CD Make a Joyful Sound - The music of Shimon and Ilana, a husband and wife team, whose appearances have received wide acclaim in every medium of the entertainment world. They have especially distinguished themselves through a series of outstanding recordings of Israeli and Jewish folks songs, as well as children's holiday albums. All the selections on this recording are quite "singable" and can be used in the classroom, the Synagogue or at home They can also be sung by choruses, young and old, and include material suitable for special programs.
(CD $13.95)

zmirot package Zemirot From My Father's House - In loving memory of his parents, Cantor Gadi Elon presents a musical CD that will warm your heart. Cantor Gadi Elon chose the best for his first tape/CD, and has provided a book with translation, transliteration and explanatory notes. You can sing along in Hebrew or English and experience the joy of Jewish music -- from the passionately spiritual to the table-thumpingly joyous -- that will enliven every festive table.
(CD & Book - $19.95, Cassette & Book - $16.95)

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