Lev Software's

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a program from you?

Go to Lev's Store and select the program of your choice. Follow the on-line instructions to purchase your selections. You may also call us at 1-800-776-6538.

What are shipping charges?

Shipping is $7.00 within the United States. Please inquire about orders outside the United States.

What method of shipping do you use?

Most items are shipped via first class regular mail, unless otherwise specified.

What if I need technical support for a product I bought?

In the unlikely event that you find you are experiencing a technical problem, please contact our technical support staff at 1-800-776-6538 most any time, or write to us by e-mail, support@levsoftware.com. Our technical support staff will be happy to provide assistance and/or replacements as needed.

What if my computer crashes, I upgrade my computer or buy a new one, and need to install my Lev Software title again?

Free downloads of the most recent version of your Lev Software title is available here. Additional licenses are available for just $10.00.

What if I want to use my Lev Software title on more than one computer?

You may transfer your license from one computer to another (instructions in your Owner's Guide), however if you want to use the program on multiple computers you will have to purchase additional licenses for $10.00 each.

What if the font looks like Greek instead of Hebrew?

To fix this, follow this procedure:

  1. Minimize the Hebrew Window.
  2. Go to Windows Control Panel and select Fonts.
  3. Find "Benny" (True Type), right click, and choose Properties. Then click OK and exit.
  4. Bring back the Hebrew program. If you see normal Hebrew we are done. Exit Fonts, and Control Panel.

If you did not find "Benny" in step 3 above, or if you still see non-Hebrew, re-install the Benny font by going to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Fonts | File | Install new font | on the bottom where the yellow folders are click on the c: folder | program files folder| lev folder| your program's folder | on the top you will see "Benny true type", single click on it and click on ok, exit fonts and go back into program).

If you don't have Install New Fonts on the Fonts File Menu, call for Microsoft Windows support. If you can't locate the Benny Font, use Start | Find to locate benny.ttf

What is your return policy?

Lev Software guarantees our products to perform as specified in its literature. If the program you purchased is a Lev Software program (I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew, I Can Read the Prayers in Hebrew, BMitzvah, BMitzvah Pro) you may return the program before receiving a license.

For all others, should a program not work technically or any media included with the package not perform as promised, you must call within 7 days and inform Lev Software. If you are not satisfied after all, Lev Software offers a full refund, less shipping and handling. Lev Software reserves the right to refuse returns of opened software without a return authorization number.

What is your policy if I just don't like the software I purchased?

Lev Software wants you to use the program you invested in. If you bought a program directly from Lev Software, Lev Software will take back the program which you don't like and let you exchange it for another Lev Software title. It must, however, be within seven days of your purchase.

Am I allowed to share my program with friends, or give it to them without charging money?

You may share your Lev Software title with your friends, we actually encourage you to do so. When they install it, it will run up to 5 times for free, before they are required to register and purchase the program if they want to continue using it.